Madrid Arroyo in Madrid, NM

AML logoRiverbend Engineering worked on a large stormwater management erosion control project in Madrid NM from 2012 to 2015. This project was led by the AML team at ENMRD, and Riverbend was an engineering subcontractor to the prime design/build contractor for this project. Riverbend’s assessment, analysis and design work included watershed level hydrologic modeling, arroyo level hydraulic modeling, gully size erosion control measures and grade control structures, and surface treatments to reduce soil erosion. Solutions to debris flow problems that were occurring during flash flood events required an integrated approach: small scale features higher up in the watershed, and larger structure/conveyance elements down below. The design part of the contract included development of preliminary plans, Agency reviews and comments, public information meetings and solicitation of public comments, negotiations with private landowners to allow construction of new stormwater infrastructure and for temporary construction access, and finished with a detailed plan for construction that was limited to locations where permission to construct could be obtained,. Project planning addressed the timing of construction so as to minimize disruption to commercial activities, and addressed the location of new infrastructure and construction activities to avoid significant archaeological sites. This level of project review went all the way to State Historic Preservation Division understanding the visual impacts of the project.