Chris Philips, MS, PE, CFM – Owner and Senior Scientist

Chris has been studying and modeling fluvial behavior since 1987. His consulting career began with traditional H&H studies and urban drainage engineering. In 1995 Chris co-authored a complete re-write of the New  Mexico Department of Transportation’s Drainage Manual. He has won two awards for innovative solutions in urban drainage channel design, utilizing roller compacted concrete (RCC) to build non-traditional looking structures. His master’s thesis explored the properties of RCC. In the mid-nineties Chris studied under several fluvial geomorphologists and gained an understanding of natural form and function in rivers and arroyos. His design work began to rely more on natural process and less on fixed-boundary solutions. Since launching his own business in 1999, Chris has designed hundreds river projects, representing a range of public and private sector clients. His knowledge of fluvial geomorphology and traditional and non-traditional river engineering methods provides a distinctly different approach to restoration and flood control projects than is customary for the engineering profession.

Chris Pitcher, PE, CFM – Project Manager

Chris’s experience includes all technical aspects of our consulting practice, from field assessments to final designs. His expertise in hydraulic engineering is one of our company’s strengths, from floodplain modeling on the computer to the design and installation of whitewater features in the field. Chris has trained in Natural Channel Design techniques, and is certified as a Floodplain Manager. As a project manager Chris is responsible for ensuring that each design meets the client’s expectations, satisfies the regulatory requirements and can be constructed at a reasonable cost. Chris’ easy going personality has earned him a loyal following with certain clients – they trust he will deliver what he promises.

Brad Meyer – Construction Services Manager

Brad has over nine years of experience in river assessments, topographic surveying, 404 permit approvals with the USACE, and overseeing construction of river restoration projects in Colorado and New Mexico. Brad has completed more than 75 river topo surveys since joining Riverbend, using our Total Station or our RTK GPS equipment. He will take the field data and convert it to a digital file ready for design and analysis. Brad has been a construction project manager and field inspector on many Riverbend projects, from small creeks to million dollar fish habitat projects. He has a proven track record in keeping track of many details on a construction site all at once. He is committed to making each construction project look good and function as intended when it is finished. He is often the person chest deep in the river directing the equipment operator on the final adjustment of a critical rock. His sensitivity to the function and aesthetics of each river project has been very important to Riverbend achieving many successful projects. Some of this sensitivity comes from being a lifelong avid fly fisherman, who has worn out too many pairs of waders to count.  Brad is currently pursuing his Master’s in Science Degree in Water Resource Management from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

Nancy Johnston Bramlett – Staff Biologist

Trained in Biology, Nancy spent 12 years in sustainable business consulting (built a Green Infrastructure Training Module for American Rivers while working for Natural Capitalism Solutions ) before joining Riverbend Engineering in 2014. Nancy’s science degree is from the University of New Mexico, where her coursework included river ecology and ichthyology. She was a research assistant at the Museum of Southwestern Biology where she worked on research studies of the life history of several fish, including the endangered Rio Grande Silvery Minnow hybognathus amarus, and the Colorado Pikeminnow ptychocheilus lucius, in the Rio Grande and San Juan Rivers. Nancy is an accomplished river guide, having led trips on the Blue river, Arkansas, Colorado, Roaring Fork, Crystal, North Fork of the Gunnison, the Gunnison and the Dolores Rivers. She has her level I Certificate in Applied Fluvial Geomorphology from Wildland Hydrology (Dave Rosgen), and has completed the U.C. Davis GIS Specialization through Coursera.

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